Who is Cozylife Furniture?

Cozylife was started from one simple idea — to make things comfy. Starting with sofas in 2015, at the beginning only produced and sold popular sectional sofas & sofa sets, that were loved by both local and overseas customers.

While we are located in Foshan, one of China’s most important furniture manufacturing and building materials manufacturing centers. Here, there is a wide variety and thousand of furniture styles and building materials to choose from. The product diversity determines our customers’ diversity of procurement.

There are many companies that offer one-stop furniture solutions. These companies can customize everything from sofas, kitchen cabinets, closets to windows and doors, etc. We were thinking about how to diversify our product line while still focusing on the specialization of the sofa. There is one thought that comes to mind: ” Why not offer one-stop sofa solutions?”

Therefore, to meet better our customers’ needs, we expanded our sales range. We now offer more choices, including modern sofas and sofa beds. This gives our customers more choices, a lower minimum order quantity, a lower price, and better service. Since choosing from 2000+ sofa factories in China isn’t an easy task, we’ve tried to make the process easier for our customers.

Whatever what kind of sofa is, our priority is always providing a good sofa at an affordable price and offering good service to you, our customer. That is our goal.

Company Overview

Cozylife sofa factory
sales team for sofa
sofa company inside
sofa showroom

Factory & Process

sofa wood frame workshop

Wood frame making process

sofa foam cutting workshop

Foam cutting process

sofa leather or fabric cutting workshop

Material cutting & sorting process

sofa sewing & tailor workshop

Material sewing process

sofa upholstered workshop

Sofa upholstering process

sofa packing workshop

Sofa assembling & packing process

Massive Production

sofa production
sofa wood frame wokshop
sofa large production
Cozylife factory recliner mechanism
sofa massive production
sofa for large production

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