As a large piece of home, the production of upholstery sofas is more cumbersome than originally thought and it has a lot going on behind the scenes. Excluding the front-end design and development, the production of the sofa is very time-consuming. From the frame making, the inner filling, the material sewing, to the final assembly and quality inspection, each step requires the collaboration of trained workers. Check out our factory to see how are couches made.



We explore the needs of users, plan and design up-to-date modern sofas, especially large sectional series.

After the design of the couch is done, a designer with plenty of experience will create a 1:1 drawing of the couch on mold paper, including each part size, material, etc. This drawing ensures that no deviation from the design occurs. Every detail has to be taken into consideration, and every calculation has to be precise, otherwise, a small mistake will affect the entire couch.

sofa designing




Part 1: Framing

Our craftsmen began with a designer’s blueprint and cut out the parts needed for the frame. Then they polish, sand, and deburr it until it meets standards. The woodwork is considered complete at this point.

sofa frame making

The frame is the foundation of the sofa. We use imported Kiln-dry solid pine wood, main wood 5*4CM,  which has been baked at a high temperature to keep the moisture content of the wood at 10~12%, meeting the international standards. Then reinforced with a 12mm plywood board.

solid pine wood for sofa


Part 2: Webbing & Springs

This part is to install springs and rubber belts on the frame of the sofa. 3.8mm zig-zag springs (also called S-shaped springs/snake-shaped springs) are used for this task and must be installed securely and without any movement when pushed hard. The number of springs installed depends on the specific needs and we use tough elastic belts to secure them.

upholstered sofa structure

Part 3: Filling

The sponges which are the key to creating a soft and comfy sofa, are carefully cut, measured, and placed on the sofa frame. A layer of filler–silk floss or down is added to the sponge to increase the softness and comfort of the sofa.

All our foam is 100% brand new and has at least 10cm thickness, D35-D45 high-density on seating cushions. We utilize high-quality and high-density foam to make sure all the seats maintain their shape, even after prolonged use. In addition, we only use environmentally friendly glue for all our sofas.

high density sponge



Part 4: Cutting & Sewing

Now the frames are ready to be upholstered with top-quality genuine leather. Use the leather board as a template for cutting. After finishing cutting, we go to the next stage of sewing. All the cut pieces like the armrests, backs, and seats are starting to be sewn and stitched with a sewing machine. Lastly, our upholsterers will upholster it on the sofas.

sofa sewing & stitching

For this process, every piece of leather which we use for the sofa is meticulously selected before sewing. It is delicate, smooth, soft, and elegant. It’s perfect for any high-end and exquisite furniture. To make sure every detail is perfect and nothing is overlooked, all our skilled craftsmen, tailors, and upholsters have been in this business for more than 8-10 years, ensuring that all parts of the process are completed with care.

genuine leather



Part 5: Quality Inspection, Cleaning & Packing

After finishing the above process, we entered the final stage of the “assembling, quality inspection, cleaning and packing process”. All sofas will go through a series of strict quality inspections before packing, then using high-pressure spray guns like car maintenance, cleaning carefully from inside to the outside, gaps to the surface, so that the sofa presents the best state to our customers and deliver it around the world.

sofa delivery

From design to material selection to assembling, we take every section seriously, using the best and most appropriate materials for the frames, springs, and fillings. And focus on craftsmanship, to try our best to offer the most comfortable sofa for our customer’s life—This is Cozylife furniture, the comfort of your life.

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